Adult individual therapy

As adults we face many challenges and transitions.  Sometimes these difficulties create suffering in our lives that seems beyond what we can handle on our own or using our support network.  Psychological suffering is real and is often more uncomfortable and difficult to manage than physical pain.  Like pain that occurs in our body, the discomfort we feel in our emotional self is sometimes long lasting and needs professional treatment.

The distress that brings people to therapy can be due to underlying medical conditions like:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Thought disorders
  • Compulsions and Addictions

Sometimes traumatic events that happened either recently or long ago can create periods of intense suffering that is persistent and distracting, such as:

  • Childhood abuse
  • Assaults
  • Combat experiences
  • Accidents
  • Unexpected losses

Transitions that occur in all our lives can often be facilitated by a caring therapist familiar with the typical patterns and complicating factors related to issues like:

  • Grief
  • Loss/ transition of careers
  • Relationship breakups/ difficulties
  • Children
  • Identity issues
  • Emotional and spiritual growth