Families & Couples

Couples and families normally experience times of conflict and distress.  Sometimes the issues causing the trouble are complicated or long standing and might seem overwhelming to manage on your own.  Therapists can often help!  As an objective third party with experience identifying patterns and underlying issues, a therapist can become a valuable guide along some of the most difficult portions of our lives together in relationship.  Therapy can provide many opportunities to couples or families in crisis: 1) Therapy can create a safe place to constructively talk about difficult issues that have become sources of frustration. 2) Therapy can uncover unhelpful patterns of communication and behavior that might be contributing to the problems. 3) Therapy can provide opportunities to understand and change the negative cycles of interaction that are damaging the relationships involved. 4) Therapy can help rediscover and enrich old feelings of connection and support within struggling relationships.  Consider Couples or Family therapy if you are struggling with issues like:

  • Financial stress or conflict
  • Intimacy issues
  • Conflicts around raising children
  • Difficulties with persistent conflict among family members