Meet our Clinicians

Ethan Bliss, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

I have always been fascinated with the process of healing and helping others through the personal processes involved in therapy.  I believe that solid, evidence-based treatment needs to be paired with a caring and compassionate environment to help my clients get to the goals they set for themselves. Learn More

Ray Rother, PhD, LCSW-C

Clinical Social Worker

I believe therapy is a relationship created to increase self-awareness and effectiveness in daily living. My approach recognizes that people are affected by experiences and the meanings we associate to those experiences. The life and relationship choices we make, and how we see ourselves, come from what we’ve learned from our experiences at least as much as from our personal characteristics. Therapy can help challenge responses or behaviors that aren’t working the way we intend and develop ones that feel right and are more successful. Learn More

Julieann Ipsan, LCSW-C

Clinical Psycho-therapist

Ms. Ipsan  is a licensed therapist with a wide variety of experience working with children, adolescents, and families/couples. Her areas of specialization include mood disorders in teenagers and adults, trauma, coping with chronic illness, and toxic relationship recovery. Her background in drama and writing help her attend to therapeutic issues with creative and individualized approach. Ms. Ipsan has worked in a variety of settings, and therefore has experience with many therapeutic modalities. Her former work environments include inpatient care, outpatient services, and group homes for both children and adolescents. At the National Institutes of Health, she worked extensively with children and families coping with severe and chronic illness. Consequently, Ms. Ipsan is skilled at dealing with the mental health issues that arise from physical illness. Learn More

Laura First, LCSW-C

Clinical Psycho-therapist

Laura is an experienced clinical psycho-therapist with an added dimension. She has worked in the realm of Story as Therapy to illustrate memorable themes for children, and draw meaningful understanding of the soul’s journey for women. In her office, Laura is proficient in the magical and meaningful clinical art of Sand Tray. This an activity which steps away from words and uses figures placed in a tray of Sand to increase essential diagnostics in children, and help older individuals to get a birds eye perspective on the challenges which they are sorting and addressing. Laura has decades of experience in the schools (IEP management and design) and is a specialist with advanced EMDR training in treating trauma. She brings 20 years experience in managing Neurodiversity and Spectrum related challenges in youth and adults. Laura is DBT advanced in teaching distress tolerance skills to children and teens who struggle with anxiety, depression and mood disorders. Laura also hosts, by invitation, a monthly women’s group of Story Telling for the Soul’s journey. Learn More

Meredith Tolley

Office Administrator

I had the pleasure of joining the Center for Integrative Healthcare in the spring of 2019 as the Office Administrator. Helping people navigate the complex world of insurance so that they can receive the services they need is a rewarding part of this role. I am long time Frederick County resident and received my management degree from Hood College. My hobbies include watching live performances, reading and listening to podcasts and taking my corgi on long walks. Learn More